Vapour Blasting

Sixty7 offers high quality vapour blasting for high end restorations, specialising in motorbike parts. 

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Vapour Blasting (also known as Wet Blasting, Hydro blasting, Aqua blasting, Vapour honing) is an industry standard for high end mechanical restorations.

It is a non-aggressive surface prep technique that has been specifically developed for applications requiring finer finishes.

The process of combining a flow of water with fine blasting media and compressed air can remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion, and old paint from a wide range of surfaces.

The process of vapour blasting cleans using the flow of water rather than using impact, like dry sandblasting. The water acts as a lubricating cushion and flushing agent protecting both the blasting media and the component from excessive wear or breakdown and prevents the accumulation of blasting media on the surface being prepared leaving you with a high-quality finish.

The compressed air regulates the degree of water cushioning to the abrasive on the work-piece. The higher the pressure and volume of air, the more aggressive the blast process becomes. This control allows great flexibility.



- Superior finish on a range of materials
- Increases component life by stress relieving through peening
- Deeply cleans irregular surfaces, decarbonises and de-scales
- Can be used on fine and machined surfaces
- No component erosion
- No media impregnation
- No heat distortion on parts
- Critical measurements maintained, particularly handy where tight tolerances are important
- Environmentally friendly. No toxic or harmful chemicals are used and no atmospheric pollution. Unlike sand blasting, it’s a dust-free blasting environment
Leaves a very attractive smooth satin, easy clean surface finish, eliminating the need for painting
- No fingerprint marking when touching blasted parts


Motorcycle and Automotive

Cylinders & Cylinder heads
Triple clamps
Swing arms & linkages
Rims & hubs
Brake callipers & master cylinders
Inlet manifolds
Cam shafts
Throttle bodies
Suspension parts
Exhausts and manifolds
Turbo chargers
Diesel injector pumps
Engine cases
Water pumps
Air boxes
Rubber boots



    Marine outboard engine components and propellers
    Sporting equipment, golf clubs etc.

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    We are based in Ormeau Hills, QLD but can arrange your parts to be transported from anywhere in Australia.

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